2 HEI promotes impact and renewal

Evaluation Area II assesses the procedures used to manage and improve societal engagement, strengthen the impact of HEI’s research, development and innovation, and support an innovative organisational culture.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, Evaluation Area II is at the level excellent.

The audit team identified the following as key strengths and recommendations:


  • LUT has strongly strategy-based, systematic and consistent management and improvement of its societal engagement and impact. LUT systematically collects information from its operational environment and monitors key performance and strategic indicators, and uses the information to redirect its activities.
  • LUT’s organisational culture is open, entrepreneurial and collaborative, supporting new ideas and innovations.
  • The university has a clear direction and mechanisms in its research and education activities targeting different levels and groups. LUT succeeds in engaging and creating an impact on the regional, national and international levels and adding value both to LUT, its students, partners and stakeholders.


  • LUT could benefit from ensuring that research ethics are considered as precautionary measures and are introduced in the early stages of both research planning and the researcher career.
  • LUT could benefit from elaborating on a rector’s decision on the 100% open publishing requirement and ensuring that it is included in research planning and budgeting.
  • LUT is aiming for stronger internationalisation in its activities and campuses. It is important that the university considers its international teachers, researchers and students in all its activities.