3 HEI enhances quality and well-being

Evaluation Area III assesses the functioning and development of the quality system and how the system is used in strategic management. The procedures used to support the competence development and well-being of the staff are also assessed.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, Evaluation Area III is at the level excellent.

The audit team identified the following as key strengths and recommendations:


  • The quality system is well-designed and communicated and covers the institution’s core duties.
  • The strategic agenda is well known among staff and supported by the quality system.
  • The quality culture is open and inclusive.


  • The quality work can benefit from increasing the systematic dissemination of good examples to all parts of the university.
  • Existing practices for ensuring a close connection between research and education should be more visible in the quality system.
  • The international students should be involved to a greater extent in the university’s quality work.