1 HEI creates competence

The evaluation area I assesses the procedures which support student-centred, working-life oriented planning, implementation and enhancement of education, which is based on research or artistic activities.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, the evaluation area I is at the level excellent.

The audit team identified the following as the main strengths and recommendations:


  • Aalto has solid procedures and guides in place for competency-based education planning, constituting an excellent and well-defined framework for planning education with clearly defined learning outcomes.
  • Aalto has implemented a rich menu of measures and support services to promote students’ well-being and equality.
  • Aalto’s annual strategic management processes dynamically support agile curriculum development and continuous quality development of degree programmes.


  • Aalto should continue to assess and balance workload related to studies, focusing on minimising the risk of student burnout due to excessive total workload.
  • Aalto should use the Leap for Learning project to develop feedback on students’ learning to become more systematic and personal.
  • Aalto should focus on developing more systematic procedures for informing students about changes introduced based on student feedback (feedback-on-feedback).