2.4 The HEI’s examples of successful enhancement activities

Building Open Science and Organisational Culture

Building Open Science and Organisational Culture commenced by recognising the most significant operators. Many things have been done for the benefit of Open Science and Organisational Culture at VAMK, but the data and functions have been scattered.  In a multi-field team, cross-sectioning the entire organisation, experts started to work towards an entity. The work has been supported by the President’s outlines for Open Science and Organisational Culture and the entire staff has received extensive training on the subject. The expert team will continue to build the Open Science and organisational culture as well as strengthen the staff’s competence. Our aim is to raise our maturity level significantly in the next audit.

Enhancing the Customer and Patient Safety

Vaasa Hospital District has been appointed a task of establishing the National Centre for Patient Safety Improvement (No-Harm Centre) with the aim to enhance the patient and client safety all over Finland. (website link points to the newsletter on Vaasa Central Hospital reporting of the Center and cooperation). On the initiative of VAMK, we have signed a letter of intent on educational collaboration between Novia UAS and Åbo Akademi University and the Centre for Patient Safety Improvement.  During the spring of 2021, we will create a nationally accessible trilingual e-learning training course.  The aim is to train professionals of social security and health care around Finland widely and understandably.

Digital Growth (in Finnish Digikasvu)

In this ESR project coordinated by Muova, a toolbox and a training programme was developed for the digitalisation and servitization of industrial SMEs. Thus, digitality-based product and service innovation was supported in industrial SMEs. The final report of the project is available  here

The project produced guidebook for the design of service development projects for SMEsThe project can also be followed up on Facebook.

The strategy tool, Service Map was launched in Industrial Services Into Action!  The research report on digitality, service business and development in Ostrobothnian industrial enterprises.


VAMK is part of the Robocoast EDIH Consortium. The objective of the Robocoast Consortium activities is to enhance the growth and competitiveness of Finland’s manufacturing industry and its subcontractor supply chains, as well as to invite top professionals and investments. The Robocoast EDIH Consortium comprises seven HEIs and provinces, and applies for a position of Finnish Digital Centre in the Digital Europe Programme.

Approximately 45000 degree students, internationally high-level research and several RDI environments related to robotics, data analytics, artificial intelligence, satellite positioning, smart energy technology and cyber security. Other spearheads of the program are AI, high performance computing and digital skills.


Design Centre Muova has collaborated with Vaasa University to develop a rapid prototyping environment for industrial services called CoProtoLab.  The objective was to develop a research, innovation and demonstration environment for collaboration of HEIs and businesses. Co-ProtoLab brings together the most significant competence related to the development of industrial services: industrial processes, IoT and information management, Service Design and Interaction Design as well as Protection of Intellectual Property Rights. Co-ProtoLab is a both physical and virtual platform for rapid experiments. In a prototyping environment, interdisciplinary industrial solutions and digital technologies are created. In addition, Co-ProtoLab supports the commercialisation of digital tools for service innovations. The result of the project is an operations model for collaboration between HEIs and businesses and a physical and virtual research and innovation platform.  


The objective of the Ecolabnet project is to create a network of service providers for supporting eco-innovations in manufacturing SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. The project is funded by Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Design Centre Muova from VAMK is one of the main partners in the project.  

Kaleidoskope and Reboot

The themes of two Erasmus+ projects coordinated by Design Centre Muova  are related to preventing social exclusions and promoting employment of migrants. The objective of the Kaleidoscope is to increase the employment of migrant women in Europe.   The Reboot project aims to teach skills and competencies needed in future working life for unemployed Higher Education Graduates.