3 HEI enhances quality and well-being

The evaluation area III assesses the functioning and development of the quality system and how the system is used in strategic management. The procedures used to support the competence development and well-being of the staff are also assessed.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, evaluation area III is at the level good.

The audit team identified the following key strengths and recommendations:


  • UEF staff recognizes the connection of their own work to the goals and strategy of UEF. UEF works in a quality manner: evaluating practices with data and using those evaluations to drive future practices.
  • The quality system is distributed and integrated in nature, and it facilitates engagement by a wide variety of the university community.
  • UEF supports staff competence development and well-being, including the recent possibility for grant-funded doctoral researchers to sign a 10% contract to promote their integration into the organization.


  • UEF should strengthen the operations of the quality group. The quality group should meet more often and be more involved in facilitating quality work at the university.
  • UEF should make quality work more visible, including developing strategic indicators supporting the profile of the university.
  • UEF should continue work towards improving diversity at the university and evaluate the university’s recruitment and hiring processes.