3.3 Functionality and development of the quality system

Auditeringsgruppens bedömning

The PDCA cycle is well-known and integrated, but further development is still needed

Metropolia has an open and participatory quality culture, and the quality management system covers education, RDI and the needs of society and stakeholders. The quality system is based on setting values and strategic objectives. The PDCA cycle as a continuous development principle is a long-term cornerstone of Metropolia’s quality work.

Metropolia renewed recently (autumn 2022) the practices of its quality group to strenghten ability to make concrete improvement steps in various areas. To achieve the strategic goals (by 2030), Metropolia provides a very differentiated set of methods within the quality management system framework to reach the different role holders in different areas and levels.

At this stage, the  quality management system seemed to be complex and elaborately distributed across different roles. According to the interviews, the responsibilities and tasks of the people concerned do not seem to be sufficiently transparent. It also does not seem clear whether the effort involved in the time-consuming reports and meetings will bring the promised added value compared to the more informal current practices or whether streamlining these instruments will lead to more effectiveness and efficiency.

According to the audit material, the quality system is currently being developed by combining different types of data, visualisation and developing a feedback system in a more user-friendly direction. All this provides a promising basis for further development.

Metropolia’s staff, students and stakeholders are committed to enhancement

The audit team observed an open and innovative culture. Many participants, including students, teachers, management and external stakeholders, showed a strong commitment and willingness to contribute to enhancement on different levels.

The quality culture is participatory. Everyone seems to have the opportunity to get involved in different ways and methods. Metropolia received particular praise from stakeholders in the interviews that Metropolia is open to new ideas and stakeholders are involved in the development processes. In particular, partnership agreements were mentioned as a good practice. Metropolia has created close cooperation and good communication with its stakeholders.