4 HEI as a learning organisation

The evaluation area IV assesses an area selected by the HEI where it wishes to receive feedback for the enhancement of its activities.

The University of Helsinki chose the concept of international master’s degree programmes as the evaluation area IV.

The audit team identified the following as the key strengths and recommendations:


  • The development of the university’s international degree programmes has been based on a bottom-up approach and organic development in many areas/disciplines.
  • The international degree programmes have good attractiveness with an increasing number of applicants.
  • International students appreciated the flexibility of the university’s international degree programmes, including the ability to customise their studies and bring their own interests into the programme.


  • The concept of multilingual programmes is unclear, and the conceptual structure of international programmes should be reviewed.
  • The university’s strategy and goals for internationalisation could be more explicit, including the role of international programmes in that strategy.
  • The university should invest in proactive equality, diversity and integration (EDI) work and the integration of international students both in the university community and Finnish society.
  • The service needs and delivery in different international programmes should be clarified.