2 HEI promotes impact and renewal

Evaluation area II assesses the procedures used to manage and improve societal engagement, strengthen the impact of the HEI’s research, development and innovation as well as artistic activities, and support an innovative organisational culture.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, the evaluation area II is at the level excellent.

The audit team identified the following as key strengths and recommendations:


  • The University of Oulu has a key role and well-established position in the regional knowledge, innovation, and competence creation ecosystem. The university contributes significantly to the renewal and strengthening of the region of North Ostrobothnia.
  • The university’s Arctic strategy and strong research focus on sustainable development strengthen the societal impact of the university.
  • The University of Oulu offers multidisciplinary research and networks that help create an innovative organisation culture.


  • The university should strengthen the visibility of its Arctic research activities and its role in international research networks, to highlight the research potential of the Arctic region.
  • The university should develop further the long-term metrics for systematically following up and leading its efforts in societal and research impact.
  • The university should monitor and ensure the achievement of its institution-wide sustainability objectives.