3 HEI enhances quality and well-being

Evaluation area III assesses the functioning and development of the quality system and how the system is used in strategic management. The procedures used to support the competence development and well-being of the staff are also assessed.

Based on the audit team’s evaluation, the evaluation area III is at the level good.

The audit team identified the following as key strengths and recommendations:


  • Staff, students, and external partners are involved in the quality system and continuous improvement according to the PDCA cycle.
  • The quality system is clearly connected with the university’s strategy and profile. The information generated by the quality system is used in the management of the university.
  • The quality policy supports the multidisciplinary profile of the university and cooperation with external stakeholders.


  • To support the proactive enhancement of its activities, the university should strengthen the identification and use of internal and external information.
  • The university should ensure the well-being of all its staff through various ways and keep staff workloads reasonable.
  • The development of teaching competences and completion of pedagogical studies should be more closely monitored.