4 HEI as a learning organisation

Evaluation area IV assesses an area selected by the HEI where it wishes to receive feedback for the enhancement of its activities.

The audit team identified the following as key strengths and recommendations:


  • The university is committed to robust internationalisation efforts with many initiatives to enhance the international experience of students.
  • The UO is a member of the UNIC, which provides excellent internationalisation opportunities for students.
  • The university has a holistic approach to internationalisation and offers family-friendly support to international students and staff.


  • The university should promote consistent opportunities in internationalisation, by strengthening the visibility of international mobility windows and exchanges as well as enhancing the internationalisation of curricula.
  • The university should work to ensure that students and staff have the skills and confidence necessary to thrive in a globalised setting.
  • The university and the different programmes should optimise the impact of international mobility, by integrating the insight of students with international experience into classroom instruction.