4 HEI as a learning organisation

The evaluation area IV assesses an area selected by the HEI where it wishes to receive feedback for the enhancement of its activities.

HAMK chose Design Factory as the evaluation area IV.

The audit team identified the following as the main strengths and recommendations:


  • Through Design Factory, HAMK has created the opportunity of mutually beneficial connections with industry.
  • Multi-disciplinarity and the provision of contact points between students and working life well prepare students for their future professional life and translate HAMK’s vision of being the most work-place-oriented HEI.
  • HAMK’s Design Factory is an ideal hub to resolve real-life challenges and cases using the academic strength of the institution and companies’ expertise alike.


  • HAMK should further develop communication on the benefits of Design Factory to students and external stakeholders to gain more visibility and enhance impact.
  • HAMK should focus on building and creating more long-term cooperation with external partners, to enhance education and create a work-life environment to assure sustainable and meaningful impact.
  • To fully exploit the benefits that emerge from cooperation with other departments, Design Factory methods and thinking should be consistently integrated into course activities throughout all HAMK.