Title of publication

Audit of the University of Lapland


Tapio Määttä, Timo Lappi, Liisa Postareff, Elisa Rauma, Mira Huusko & Laura Partanen.  Self-assessment of the University of Lapland (eds.) Hanna Marttiini & Satu Uusiautti

The Higher Education Evaluation Committee’s decision

The University of Lapland passed the audit on 16 February 2022.

The Quality Label is valid until 16 February 2028.

The audit team’s evaluation of the evaluation areas I-III

I: HEI creates competence: good level

II: HEI promotes impact and renewal: good level

III: HEI enhances quality and well-being: good level

HEI as a learning organisation – evaluation area chosen by the University of Lappland

Integration of project and research collaboration into the Degree Programme in Art Education


Theme and partner for benchlearning

Theme: Student feedback system

Partner: The University of Helsinki

According to the audit team, the University of Lapland ’s key strengths and enhancement areas are


  • The operating culture at the University of Lapland is communal and there is close interaction between students and teachers. Teachers receive peer support from one other and discuss teaching actively.
  • The University of Lapland is an important regional actor. The university’s engagement in stakeholder cooperation is enthusiastic and collaboration initiatives are readily accepted.
  • The strategy and its implementation plan form a clear and consistent basis for the quality system.
  • The Degree Programme in Art Education combines artistic activities with teacherhood and research in an excellent manner.


  • To support the pedagogical development of staff, systematic training in higher education pedagogy must be provided.
  • The University of Lapland must engage in internationalisation and vigorously enhance its international impact.
  • Teachers’ career models and international recruitment practices must be further developed.
  • In art education, more project work must also be included in studies that are part of the bachelor’s degree.