The Higher Education Evaluation Committee’s decision

The HEI passed the audit.

The Quality Label is valid until 20 May 2025.

The audit team’s evaluation of the evaluation areas I-III

I: HEI creates competence: good level

II: HEI promotes impact and renewal: good level

III: HEI enhances quality and well-being: excellent level

Learning HEI – evaluation area chosen by JAMK

Quality management of education export

Theme and partner for benchlearning

Theme: HEI creates competence

Partner: Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

According to the audit team, Jamk’s key strengths and areas for development are


  • JAMK has been able to create a quality system that encourages renewal, inclusion and supports everyday work at the higher education institution. The institution has innovatively created various practices for sharing ideas and work-related successes. The quality system is effective and the data it produces is diversely used in managing and renewing the operations. The quality culture permeates the entire community of the higher education institution.
  • JAMK’s strategic model for a New-generation institute of Higher Education supports student-centred operations and working life-driven competence of students. The student-centred approach is strongly evident in the operations, and JAMK has been able to use new operating models to meet the various competence needs of students. Diverse learning environments support the renewal of education and the connection between research, development and innovation operations and education. Hybrid classrooms, laboratories and innovation and development platforms support close cooperation with working life.
  • The innovational culture at JAMK is strong. The operations are characterised by promoting an innovational culture, open-mindedness, pushing boundaries and displaying courage. JAMK boldly leads its networks towards the future. This is supported by conducting an analysis of the operating environment in cooperation with the stakeholders.
  • Long-term, systematic investment in internationality has created the prerequisites for successful education export. Educational export projects have increased the staff’s international know-how, which is also reflected in the implementation of education.

Development needs

  • JAMK is transitioning to network-type teamwork across unit borders and is building New-generation institution of Higher Education in interaction with the surrounding society. JAMK’s new focus areas could be further strengthened in the planning, implementation and development of education. In renewing curricula, JAMK should examine what type of curricula would be beneficial for Reinventing Higher Education and how to support the competence development of different types of students.
  • The model for the impact of social interaction is still under development. There are many types of projects and network-format operations, but JAMK could further develop the formation of the overall picture of the external ecosystem, as well as the impact analysis, to help guide the operations towards the most promising future sectors.
  • JAMK has excellent opportunities to build new combinations of skills. Crossing competence areas and establishing even the most surprising combinations and interfaces between different areas of education and RDI may create future competence that we cannot even imagine yet. The audit team encourages JAMK to continue this development work that has the ability to renew society.