Title of publication

Audit of the National Defence University


Hanna Snellman, Vesa Korhonen, Mari Pantsar, Akseli Tiitta, Mira Huusko & Marja-Liisa Saa-rilammi, Self-assessment of the National Defence University (eds.) Matti Höysniemi

The Higher Education Evaluation Committee’s decision

The National Defence University passed the audit on June 15, 2023.

The Quality Label is valid until June 16, 2029.

The audit team’s evaluation of the evaluation areas I-III

I: HEI creates competence: excellent level

II: HEI promotes impact and renewal: good level

III: HEI enhances quality and well-being: excellent level


HEI as a learning organisation – evaluation area chosen by National Defence University

Responsibility and sustainable development

Theme and partner for benchlearning

Theme: The importance of multidisciplinary for the activities of the target organization

Partner: Finland Futures Research Centre (University of Turku)

Key strengths and recommendations


  • The curricula of the National Defence University have been excellently documented and described. The pedagogical manuscripts contain well-defined intended learning outcomes and competence assessment criteria.
  • The National Defence University is a sought-after collaborative partner nationally and internationally. The University’s networks are diverse and support the development of the activities with other security authorities and higher education institutions.
  • The quality system of the National Defence University is used to manage the University and the information it produces is utilised in development in an exemplary manner.
  • The National Defence University has well identified sustainable development and responsibility as its enhancement area.


  • The National Defence University needs to enhance the identification and recognition of prior learning to make it more comprehensive.
  • The National Defence University should encourage researchers more to drawing up joint publications with both Finnish and international researchers to increase the impact of research.
  • The turnover of teaching staff every two years challenges the transfer of tacit information and pedagogical development. A career path in teaching could be one opportunity on an officer’s career path.
  • The entire University should be engaged in responsibility and sustainable development in a cross-cutting manner, making it concrete activity for everyone.